About us

The idea of this site started with the 80s funny chilled song “Video killed the radio star”, an anthem to the tech revolution humanity experienced starting then. TVs were already present in almost every household, the mobile phones were invented, the era of the home personal computers was starting.

The 90s followed in force, with the invention of internet. And nothing was the same anymore. Remember modems? Or dial up? Or buffering?

The 00s brought the social networks. And being socially connected in a shifting to online world became increasingly harder.

Nowadays, everything in online happens with staggering speed, we have smart TVs, smartphones, AI evolves rapidly with vast amounts of data per every second. However, we as species need human contact, we need to get in touch with loved ones, family and friends. We need to spend quality time together, to build memories.

Especially starting with March 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemics started, this became even harder. We were ‘forced’ to shift all possible activities to online. Business and even personal ones at times, due to lockdowns and restrictions.

So the best way we know to support these changes is to strive to recommend you the best tools to help you get “the job” done, quicker and better.

Whether it’s a utility software that keeps your computer clean or a video recording app that helps you never miss a tutorial, a game streaming or even a personal meeting with friends abroad, or an editing program (video / audio / photo), you can find recommendations here. We are still in the beginning, but we will make sure to keep the list of suggestions short all the way.

Stay safe and happy shopping!