Your PC, your Personal Data. Keep browsing while being protected.

Everyone wants a rough and tough Malware fighter that can fight against all the new and upgraded viruses and keep the computers safe by preventing them from coming back. To protect personal data and keep browsing safely everyone wants an angel to safeguard their privacy and information. These angels come in disguise and are known as Malware fighters. Today, we are introducing a new malware fighter that miraculously saves computers from all types of dangerous threats and intruders.

IObit Malware Fighter 9 PRO is an ultimate malware fighter that helps combat existing and future malware infestations. This popular antivirus software has got everything covered up. IObit Malware Fighter is a wide-ranging antivirus that protects devices against the most predominant cyber-attacks and malicious files including trojans, computer viruses, keyloggers, worms, spyware, and adware. IObit Malware Fighter 9 PRO protects your data with its combination of sensitive data protection and Safe Box. It also includes the industry-leading Bitdefender Engine and an enhanced IObit Anti-Ransomware Engine.


Let’s discuss some main features of this software that helps secure data conveniently.

Real-Time Threat Blocking

The most important aspect of IObit Malware Fighter 9 Pro is its real-time threat blocking feature. This feature intelligently detects malware, blocks the most prevalent computer viruses, ransomware, adware, worms, or Trojans.

Privacy Protection

Privacy protection is not a big deal for IObit Malware Fighter as it comes with an e-locker to store important documents behind a password in a Safe Box. Additionally, the IObit ransomware engine adds another layer of data protection which helps in intelligently detecting the presence of ransomware and protects all files on your PC.

Email Protection

IObit Malware Fighter offers spam filtering, and its scanner prevents malicious emails from reaching your inbox. It stops and removes all kinds of junk, phishing scams and other email cybercrime. In short, it keeps your data safe.

Powerful Browser Protection

One of the powerful browser protection software is owned by IObit Malware Fighter. It effectively warns against phishing websites and ensures safe surfing. It safeguards and prevents malicious files from modifying your homepage or browser settings and its ad blocker system also blocks unwanted ads and clears your cookies immediately.

Security Guards

There are multiple guards that help IObit’s Malware Fighter to protect computers in real-time, including:

Startup Guard – Provides secure system startup

Process Guard – Stops unwanted programs occupying space in your device’s RAM

Camera Guard – Blocks unauthorized applications to access your webcam

Dashlane Password Manager

Another amazing add-on to IObit Malware Fighter Pro is the Dashlane Password Manager which is encrypted and can only be accessed with your master password.

Bitdefender Engine

Malware Fighter Pro includes the widely renowned Bitdefender Engine and with the partnership with Bitdefender Engine, IObit antivirus guarantees to detect over 200 million online threats and ensures reliable protection with 50% faster scans.

IObit Malware Fighter Pricing

IOBit Malware Fighter comes in both free and a paid (pro) version. It comes in a very economical price range and can be bought directly from their website compatible with windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP etc.

As a part of final verdict, the IObit Malware Fighter is deemed to be the excellent security software for any PC as it provides real-time protection for your PC, personal data or when you’re browsing the internet. Considering the tons of available add-ons like iTop VPN and Dashlane Password Manager, IObit Malware Fighter is one of the best security suites in 2021.

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